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We're Dahlia & Elena!

Between us we have over 30 years of experience working in top multinationals, startups, as well as starting our own businesses more recently! We met at a children's birthday party, got talking and after meeting a few times to chat about what we were working on, things clicked! We realised that we have very complimentary skills, Dahlia is the more creative, branding, marketing person and Elena is more numbers, sales and analytically minded.


Most days you can find us juggling motherhood and our online business. We are both passionate about being great mothers and helping others build their dream businesses, just like we have. We have so much to share and teach others from our personal and professional experiences.

Read on for the rest!

Through this platform, we aim to coach, guide and create mini courses for busy people who need help with gaining the confidence to get started on their business idea. We help guide our community with getting organised, putting their ideas down and getting started, all in their own time and at their own pace. With our expertise combined, we will be there to help you, from dream to reality and everything in between!

We are so lucky to inspire and guide our amazing community by giving them the tools they need to to help them reach for their dreams and start a successful business that works for them and fits into their busy lives.


We advocate self care in our programs so that our community builds their businesses holistically and on solid foundations, including looking after their mental health - this aspect becomes increasingly important as businesses grows. Also, through our online community, like-minded people can ask questions, share their experiences, network and connect to create collaborations to support each other through their unique startup journey.

When we are not busy working on De startup lab you can catch us at the park with our kids, of course, or having a coffee with friends! We also both LOVE to travel - between us we have visited almost 100 countries! Dahlia's favourite country so far is Mauritius and Elena's is Sri Lanka. Elena even started a blog about travelling with her little man! If you’re dying to hear more about us, there's more below!

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We wish you all the health and success on your startup journey,

Dahlia & Elena

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