Dahlia Dajani

I'm a mum to 3 young children and founder of Entreprenursery and De startup lab. I’ve been exactly where you are: wanting more. From business and family life.


I began my career in sales and brand marketing working for Nestlé and Beiersdorf (focussing on NIVEA skincare) and then sustainability management for a startup, building a best practices toolkit for sustainability managers. 

In 2017, I was working from home as a freelance sustainability manager, fed up with juggling to give both work and family quality attention. Sat at home, with toddler paraphernalia surrounding me, lacking in space and adult conversation… I had a serious case of imposter syndrome!


I longed for a reason to get out of my comfy ‘mum’ attire and to be able to bounce ideas off people while my child was kept happy and engaged. So, I started my dream of a co-working space with nursery. This made me feel like a legitimate entrepreneur and I had my toddler taken care of at the same time.


Entreprenursery was first launched as a church hall pop-up creche. Following its success, we then moved to a venue at Runway East, offering an Ofsted registered nursery alongside a flexible co-working space. Today, I have adjusted what I offer at Entreprenursery - I have taken my business online to help mums with business ideas through my coaching and mentoring.  


I know the passion and hard work that goes into making a business or career dream come to life – especially as you bring up a family.

Today, Elena and  I are launching a fully-fledged business incubator, here to provide you with the tools and resources to help you nurture your business, your family, and yourself – so every aspect of your life can thrive.

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