Elena Rogaris

After completing my university studies, I was offered a graduate position as a junior auditor at an accounting firm in Sydney, Australia. After two years in the role, I realised that I needed more variety at work and wanted to be on the client side of business, coming up with the numbers, not ticking and bashing them. It also looked a lot more fun!

I then moved into a junior forecasting analyst role for one of Australia's leading FMCG companies, Arnott's Biscuits (subsidiary of Campbell Soup Company), working closely with the sales and marketing teams on a variety of projects. I loved it, the work, the culture and the people.

Mid 2007, I moved to London, quickly securing a Senior Forecasting Analyst role for COTY, the world's largest fragrance company. Since then, I have held analyst and management positions at Sony Pictures and Ferrero working closely with heads of sales and marketing. 

After few years working in large multinationals, I wanted a bigger challenge, to grow my skill set and general knowledge of business. So, I moved to work in SMEs, Undertone and Loveholidays.com. Here, I was heavily involved in preparing analysis and reports and supporting senior management.

I decided to take a career break when I had my son but after a year, I started to get itchy feet and wanted to re-enter the workforce. This time, I wanted to choose the hours I worked, where I worked from and I wanted to work for me. I set up an online shop selling gifts and while this provided me with invaluable experience, it was not the type of work I was looking for.

I met Dahlia and we got talking about our respective business ventures and ideas. After a few coffee meets it was evident our values were aligned and our skills complimentary, and thought it would be good idea for us to work together.

After throwing around ideas, researching some of our business ideas, and after much discussion, we both strongly felt that we wanted to empower others in similar positions to ours and help them turn their business dream into a reality, so here we are today,

welcome to De startup lab.

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