We believe in helping women start their business

-all the resources and support in one place


And in self-care. Definitely self-care.

After long careers working 9-5, we individually decided that we wanted to work on fulfilling our own dream! It was a risk that we took to venture into the business world alone and alone we were. Setting up shop was a steep learning curve in itself. We spent lots of time researching and building the right network around us. It was frustrating that all the information to start a business, and the experts we needed advice from were all over the place. 


"Why aren't all the resources and experts in one place?"

When we met, we were busy working on our own thing and after speaking to several women wanting to start their own business our calling became clear. We had to help them!

We both have a passion for business and we want to share our knowledge. We both love to help other women build their confidence, achieve their business goals and live the life that they dream of.


Serving other women to build a successful business motivates us to empower more women, like you.


Freebies to get you started


Get your FREE 12 page

Startup Guide

Packed with easy to follow tips to help you get your business started

Get your FREE 2 page

Freelancer Guide

Know your legal rights when hiring freelancers or going freelance

The Lean Business Plan

The essential blueprint to turn your business idea into a reality. 

Are you ready to find out whether your idea has legs? Bring clarity to it and create a plan to get you up and running in your own time, in just 6 weeks.


Community Membership

Join our online community of ambitious entrepreneurs and carefully selected experts.

Get the support and guidance you need in all areas of business in one place,

saving you precious time, money and effort.

There's also a "Mind Gym" for mental well being and a "Water Cooler" for casual chats. A virtual office at your fingertips ...

not so lonely now!

The Elevator Pitch

The step by step program to take your elevator pitch to the next level.

Want to be able to talk about your business clearly and professionally to your network, peers and potential investors?

Organise your thoughts and build your confidence when talking about your business in your own time, in just a few weeks.


Community Love

Laura Cross founder of Inventors and Makers

 "Putting together a lean business plan helped me to really get my ideas clear and think about the best way forward for my business. I am now more able to articulate my short term and long term goals.


I liked how I could spend a small amount of time each week and feel like I had moved forward with my lean business plan. The support I received was great and allowed me to really develop my ideas." 

Everything is designed with busy women in mind

EASY to follow

No waffle here! 

We know your time is valuable, so we get

straight to the point


Keep motivation high and prevent burnout!

Our self care guides are for the body and mind


No classrooms and

no set times!

Work from where you want, whenever you want


Not so lonely! 

Access to our team of experts and our community

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