Setting Goals

With the New Year firmly behind us – social media is buzzing with New Year’s resolutions, how to set them, how to stick to them in a million and one ways. Do you believe in resolutions? Do they work for you? Are you on track to achieve your goals for 2019?

There are SMART goals, there are word themes for the year, there are value driven goals that are met by how you want to feel. It can be overwhelming! I think as individuals, the best way to stick to them is by knowing how YOU best stick to your goals.

Think back to a time, when you were happy, a moment in time where you think back to and wish you could be there again. What was it that made you feel that way? What were you doing that allowed you to reach that state of happiness and fulfilment. THAT’S what you need to focus on. That’s why I like the word “dream” instead of “goal”.

Have a dream, not a goal

Whether setting yourself a goal that works for you or focus on a dream or you break down your goals into daily, weekly, monthly or even quarterly objectives. The aim is to make progress in whatever way works for YOU. Some people find lists overwhelming but make one because they are told to do so, only to never look at it and the cycle of sabotage continues. Other people love lists and that’s what keeps their head screwed on. Don’t compare yourself or your strategy to others either, because that’s always a bad idea. Compare yourself to you only!

One thing I have been trying in 2019 is a morning journaling ritual. It takes me 5-10 minutes while I’m still in bed to write my random thoughts and then my top 3 things I want to achieve in my day. Below are some things you could try to see if you can kick start your goals.

Writing a daily priority list by hand – keep it down to 2 or 3 priorities maximum. If you manage to finish them you can add to your list.

1) Visualising yourself having achieved your dream. I mean step into it, feel it, imagine how you will feel when you reach your objective.

2) Have someone keep track of your progress – this can be someone that if you are feeling down, or that you want to give up will whip you back on track.

3) Start your day right – waking up gently, stretching, journaling, meditating, setting your intentions for the day, having a good breakfast and hydrating.

4) Find someone who has achieved their dream

and is successful, find out what worked for them. Most of the time, people are willing to give advice and share their tried and tested methods.

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