Mother's Day Treat

This Mother's Day I was treated to a weekend away with my friend! We took a short train ride away to a lovely spa hotel in the South of England. We started our day with sitting by the lovely log fire in the reception while we waited for our room to get ready. Once our room was ready, we dropped our things off and ran to the spa! I think they could tell we were busy and tired mums!

We each had an hour long deep tissue massage. I have to say the only downside was actually the end of the massage and having to get up from the bed and walk out! By then end I was so relaxed and I could easily turn my neck both ways - this is often difficult for me. Did I mention that the massage beds were heated to just the right temperature? It was the best massage I have ever had.

After the massage was over, we continued to the relaxation zone and had a little bit of a snooze. Once we mustered the energy, we got up and tried out the various steam rooms, saunas and salt room on offer. Those 4 hours in the spa flew by with our chats and time to just unwind with a cool glass of sparkling water. My idea of heaven after a massage.

Going away without the kids meant that we could take 2 hours to get ready for dinner. Slowing down was great, we each had a chance to take a long shower, put on a face mask and get ready and wear some actual unstained clothes!

After an indulgent dinner that ended with some gooey fondant, we gracefully fell asleep mid-sentence both with our glasses on.

Even though it was barely 24 hours away and didn't involve any tropical islands or longs flights, that time away was enough to recharge me, and give me the energy to wake up in the morning and go for that morning hustle of "put your shoes on, where's your coat" for the millionth time with more peace and calm in my mind. I love my kids so much, but that time away helped me be a better mum and I felt more appreciated too!

So, go on! Indulge a little and treat yourself to a little getaway with your friend soon!

Let us know about your time away and how you get spoilt this Mother's Day!


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