Part 1: Is Social Media Necessary for my Business?

You’re in the process of setting up your business, getting all your ducks in a row. It seems important to have a presence on social media, because everyone’s at it. But is it really necessary and where on earth do you start?

Social media is a fantastic means to build awareness of your brand - it is often the first place that potential new clients visit, so you must make sure that you are visible and looking good. Marketing can be very expensive and start-ups don’t necessarily have the budget to spend on big campaigns. However social media gives every business the opportunity to grow and reach new audiences.

Follow these easy three steps to establish how social media can benefit your business:

1. Determine your target audience. You need to define what your ideal customer looks like. What demographic do they belong to? Which sector do they work in? What are their habits and daily routines? What are they interested in? Build a detailed picture of your dream customer.

2. Set your goals. If you’re a new business, you will more than likely want to raise awareness for your brand, first and foremost. If you already have an established business, then your aim should be to build an engaged community, interacting regularly with it. Only once you have an engaged community surrounding your brand can you work on driving website traffic or capturing email sign-ups.

3. Link your audience’s behaviour to their social media habits. It is crucial to understand where your ideal customer spends their time online, and you need insight on how your audience uses its social media. It is also really useful to know where your competitors are present, as this will give a good indication of where you should position yourself.

In Part 2, you can learn about each of the major social media platforms and which one is most suitable for your business.

Charlie is a mother of two and the founder of “Bold As” a social media manager who loves to create her own content. Follow “Bold As” on Instagram and find out more about Charlie on Linkedin

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