Top 5 Free Tools for Entrepreneurs

At DE Startup Lab we get how challenging it can be to juggle motherhood and a career, whether it be your own business or not. So we have put together a cheatsheet of the top 5 tools that we use to help us feel more in control and to stay on top of our ever growing to-do list! Our brains are not designed to hold too much information or to multitask, so we always recommend to work in batches whenever possible as well. The goal here is to master your priorities, and goals for the week and eventually you will feel more balanced and ready for the summer holidays!

1. The Pomodoro tracker: If you haven't heard of the pomodoro technique this can be a really useful tool to use. There are many apps and extensions you can get on google to quickly access your favourite timer. The idea is that you work in 25 minute chunks and in between each 25 minutes you get a 5 minute break to make a cup of tea, stretch, make a call, check your social media and so on. The 25 minute work cycle continues 4 times then you get a longer break. Try it and you'll be amazed at how much you can get done in 25 minutes!

2. Clockify: If you are not sure of how much time you are spending on each task, this is a really great way to keep track. Also, if you have clients and you want to take note of how much to charge, this is the tool for you, as you not only keep track of time spent on different tasks but also how much time you spend different projects! Once you have tracked how you spend your time, you can re-evaluate where you can be more efficient or pin point the tasks that are taking up too much time and are better off being outsourced.

3. Google Drive: As a business we save everything on our google drive, it makes it easy for us to find documents, share files with others, and just generally keeps us organised and on top of things! It's super easy to use and you can upload files and download to your computer as well. It keeps our laptops free from endless files that eat up memory space, slowing down our processors, and multiple users can simultaneously work on the same document too! Best of all you'll never have to worry about losing your work - Google automatically saves it for you!

4. Trello: This is our “to do list” and brain dumping ground, we have created a shared board where we list our tasks and assign them to each other with deadline reminders. We review our trello board and cards each week and when we are working individually, we can remember the things we are accountable to deliver for that week. How you organise your trello board is very subjective, but it's like a pin board of reminders and things to do. So get those thoughts, and ideas out of your head and onto your trello board!

5. Station: This has been a recent discovery! It's an app where you can put all your most frequently used apps and websites in one place, rather than having all those tabs open on your web browser! There are so many extensions you can add on your station. Best of all when you are batch working you can turn off all notifications so as not to break your chain of thought or your streak of productivity!

There you go! We hope you find our tips useful and time saving and more mindful of how you spend your precious time!


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